Kim Craig Ali
Kim Craig AliOwner, Photographer

Who Am I?


Based in north Atlanta, I have been shooting professionally since 2012.  Making meaningful and emotional photographs is what makes my heart happy. I shoot what I feel in a moment, taking images beyond what I see to capture authentic, joyful life connections.  I have always had a passion for interpreting life’s meaningful moments through my lens, and being able to identify with an image on an emotional level is what drives me.

I’m married to the brown-eyed love of my life and we have four beautiful brown-eyed kids… five if you count our floppy-eared, too cute for words, boxer puppy.  I love getting up early to catch a sunrise, good books, well-told stories,  and sitting around a dinner table with a few close friends.  I also love exploring, taking the long way, and finding the adventure when I get totally lost.  After all, that’s how all great stories begin.

Contact me with the details of your project and we’ll plan your photoshoot.